Health and Nutrition Tips for February

Wednesday, February 7, 201810:11 PM(View: 4546)
Princess Lifestyle recommends these nutrition and health tips in February.  In January, we recommended the need to start the year with renewed vigor and to stay active by implementing an exercise routine. For February, it is important to watch how much food you are eating.

Eat More Green Vegetables – Nutrition Tip
While the weather outside is cold and we crave warming foods.  The extra calories from eating warming foods will help the pounds creep up on you in the winter if you’re not careful. To help combat against overeating, we recommend a watchful eye on your diet.  Hire a nutritionist or health coach if you need some guidance. With meals, it is important to eat the recommended amounts of the essential food groups.  We recommend, lightly cooked vegetables such as kale, collard greens and Swiss chard.  These green vegetables are great at this time of year.  They can be stir fried with a little bit of olive oil and some onions and garlic. These dark leafy greens provide our bodies with the vitamins and minerals that we need.

Continue To Follow Your Exercise Routine – Health Tip
Along with a healthy diet, you’ll want to keep up your exercise program which you should have started in January.  Combining a healthy diet with a regular exercise routine can help you stay fit, more healthy and active in your life. For optimum health, be sure to check out our natural herbal diet supplements to improve blood flow, healthy digestion system and all around general wellness.